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Our SEN Hub

About Our Communication and Interaction Unit

Throughout their time at Woodhall Primary School, children will engage with a broad, balanced and exciting curriculum suited to each individual’s needs and interests. Children who are based within the specialist unit at the heart of our school site led by dedicated staff who have expertise in meeting the needs of all children in inclusive settings.

Throughout the school day, pupils will engage with a specialist timetable designed to optimise their academic and social learning within a flexible curriculum which meets their needs. Teaching and learning will be multi-sensory in order to support all learners and promote success.

Within the learning environment, pupils will have access to specialist resources and a bespoke outdoor learning space as well as opportunities to utilise on-site facilities including the Library, Dance Studio and Cooking Area. Additional enrichment opportunities will be offered and will be reflective of the needs of pupils with an emphasis on building communication skills at each individual’s level.

Pupils will integrate within the wider school community as appropriate to their individual needs and skills and will be supported by trained staff to transition successfully.

Our specialist unit will cater for children who require additional support with communication and interaction and will provide a bespoke curriculum of academic and life learning to ensure that each pupil grows, flourishes and is prepared for life.

Meet Our Team

Miss Elizabeth Barneveld
Assistant Headteacher,
Mrs Karyn Bowman
Miss Josie Frost